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Jummah Salaah Times


Commencing 2nd April 2021, Jummah Salaahs will be as follows:

1) First Salaah

Masjid opens at 1:00pm

Salaah at 1:25pm


2) Second Salaah

Masjid Opens at 1:45pm

Salaah at 2:00pm


Limited re-opening of the Islamic Centre

The following provides guidelines for re-opening of the St Albans Islamic Centre for worship post the Covid-19 lockdown imposed by the government.  We are of the view that the decision to allow congregational prayers with social distancing and risk control measures should provide sufficient guidance for a safe reopening.

The decision to re-open takes into consideration the government, medical, and Scholars advice and the possible risks and unwanted outcomes. As a minimum, we:

  • have thought through the full range of considerations for re-opening
  • are complying with the relevant regulations in force at the time
  • are discharging our legal duties to the best of our abilities


In Summary the guidance is in six discrete steps:

  • Step 1 - Islamic Centre has allocated two Covid-19 Safety Officers (Akhtar Zaman and Shakiel) who will engage with community members, scholar Imams, volunteers and staff.
  • Step 2 - A risk assessment on the building has been performed, we have looked at exits and entrances to make sure they are ready to cope with any emergencies but still apply control.
  • Step 3 – We have estimated a ‘new capacity’ to ensure people can be kept one - two metres apart during prayer. Attendees to bring their own prayer mats and caps. Friday and Eid will require multiple jamaats so outside queuing with social distancing will be required.
  • Step 4Request PPE to be worn on the premises. People must bring face covers (masks) and plastic bags for their shoes. Islamic centre to have some bags and masks available for a small donation. Hand sanitiser will be provided.
  • Step 5 - Ensure people are compliant with the social distancing measures, guiding people in and out of the Centre. People must disperse in a controlled manner, immediately after fardh prayers.
  • Step 6 – If you have questions or concerns contact the Covid Safety Officers.




Please note any kind of public gathering carries Covid-19 risk, so follow instructions carefully and act responsibly.  Non-compliance with guidance will force the mosque to be closed again.


  • Perform wudu at home as facility in mosque will remain closed is closed and perform any non-obligatory prayers at home too.
  • Doors will open 10 minutes before fardh salaah time. Please do not crowd outside the mosque and keep your distance when queuing.
  • Bring your own prayer mats and caps to use and take back home.
  • Wear a face covering (mask)
  • Please be patient during social distanced entry and exit. Mosque doors will open 10 minutes before salaah, and closed immediately after congregation leaves.
  • You will be asked to queue in the car park with social distancing as marked.
  • Entry will be from rear car park doors.
  • Please help us to help you and follow the guidance which is for your well-being.
  • Vulnerable community members are encouraged not to attend (i.e. sick, high risk, frontline healthcare worker).
  • Opening of mosque will be for people between the ages of 12 and 70 years only.
  • Social distancing will apply during salaah, please follow instructions.
  • Friday prayers will be conducted multiple times in smaller groups and sermons will be kept as short as possible. Maximum capacity of 120 people to be accommodated per jamaat to keep 1m+ social distancing. *Prayer times will be provided nearer the time.
  • Qurans and tasbeeh beads will not be made available.


Services considered:

Services to Opened

Notes / Comments/ Conditions

Wudhu/Toilet Facilities

Stay closed for initial re-opening

Daily Prayers

Fardh prayers only with distancing, own prayer mat, some PPE, hand sanitiser to be available, open 10 minutes before and close immediately after.

Friday (Jumuah) Prayers

Fardh prayers only with distancing, multiple sessions, maximum capacity 150 people. Plus as per daily prayers

Funeral Wash Facilities

Open for non-Covid cases. Only 4 family members and with appropriate distancing

Funeral (Janazah) Prayers

As per government guidelines on numbers

Quran Recital / Study

Should be done at home

Children’s Classes

Not to open immediately but phase in, following a successful re-opening



Individual/group Bookings


School Visits


Marriages /Nikahs

As per government guidelines with social distancing (30 people)

Ladies Prayer Facilities

Not compulsory for Ladies so will remain closed

Ladies Jumuah Facilities

Attendance not compulsory for Ladies so will remain closed

Salaah Timetables

Available online, printed copies made available at the mosque.

Consultation with Imam

On a case by case basis, appointments with appropriate distancing

Trustees Meetings

Mainly virtual,  follow distancing and protection guidelines for any in person meetings especially for re-opening activity

General Cleaning

All entrance/exit touch points to be disinfected at each salaah. General cleaning to be applied regularly.


A more detailed guidance document is available to the Volunteers to help enforce the safe re-opening.




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