St. Albans Review Report - Open Day

St. Albans Review Report - Open Day

More than 200 people attended the open day at the Islamic Centre in St Albans, last week.

Visitors, who included St Albans MP Anne Main, deputy mayor Iqbal Zia, Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Sandy Walkington and Rev Tony Hurle from St Paul's Church, enjoyed food and drinik on arrival.

This was followed by a presentation on the history of the centre, which was established in 1978, an exhibition displaying artefacts from the mosque and a tour of the prayer area.

Assistant secretary of centre, Numan Khalid, said: "Our aim was to invite in the local community and build bridges with our friends and neighbours in St Albans and surrounding areas.

"The day had exceeded everybody's expectations, and the visitors were so friendly and encouraging about the benefit of having an open Mosque day. There were some deep conversations about faith issues and visitors expressed how they wanted their friends to come along to the next open day."

In her testimonial at the end of her visit, Ms Main said what a great welcome everybody had received, and how it was good to share how the mosque benefits the local community, and the importance of such events in debunking the myths about what some people think about mosques.