Mosque History

The Islamic Centre was established in 1978 at its current site in Hatfield Road as the first of its kind in St Albans to provide a dedicated place for Muslim prayer, The purchase price was raised through donations provided by the Muslim community in and around St Albans, the Centre is funded mainly on donations provided by the local community.  The property has been extended three times to meet the demands of the growing community.  Today, there are approximately 400 families associated with the Centre, covering St Albans and its environs including London Colney, Park Street, Hatfield and Harpenden.  The needs of the local Muslims have outgrown the available facilities to an extent where on occasions of large congregations all the people cannot be accommodated inside the Centre.


The Centre is not simply a place for prayer, but also acts as a community centre and an educational facility for both children and adults.  We provide facilities for Muslim marriages and funerals services.  The Centre brings together Muslims from a broad range of nationalities including Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Mauritian, Egyptian, Moroccan as well as English.


The Centre is an officially registered charity and run by an elected Executive Board of 6 volunteers and a further 4 Executive members who are responsible for administering the place of worship.  The Board has a tenure of two years but members are eligible for reselection.